About the developer and the product

It was one of those Eureka moments

How to solve a long standing problem with Forms.

That eureka moment

The benefit of 25+ years experience

In website, app and software design and development.

Hello, I am John. I combine a vast wealth of experience with design and technical know how. In recent years I have found myself producing many proposals for form app development. The problem, however, is the often prohibitive cost of such development. A good form application will likely cost in excess of £25,000 to develop. This is clearly out of reach for the small and medium enterprises who would most benefit.

So, I have developed a flexible system to develop forms in an app, your own app. After months of development and field testing, I am pleased to present a complete platform upon which to rapidly develop and deploy form applications.

I wanted to be able to deliver a system that solved four key problems:

  1. Make the form input as easy and intuituve as possible
  2. Deliver a form by email which resembles the industry standard and approved forms we are used to working with
  3. Capture form data for interrogation and analysis in a downloadable spreadsheet
  4. Deliver a solution at an affordable price

I have achieved all of this. So you get all the benefits of my experience in a tried and tested product at a fraction of the cost of the development.